Four KISS Coaching Points

A great coach is capable of sharing years of experience & training with situational instruction that is easy to digest and quickly processed by players on the field. And when you're looking for KISS management, there's four primary coaching points that bedrock the objectives of high level soccer: Command The FieldHead Up,   Have A Run, and  Finish.

Changing the Formation

Sharing the reliable foundation of a Keeper and some similar combination of 4 Defensive Players, there are three strong formations with records of success that transition well from one to the next: The 4-2-3-1, The 4-3-3, and The 4-4-2*..

Youth Soccer Training Curriculum

With decades of credentials & experience, USSF A-licensed Coach Shane Weems has put together the most practical Training Curriculum available in print. From impressionable ages U5 through U12 each Fall & Spring Season is laid out in weekly order, and the content offers a rich soccer learning experience.

The Craft of Coaching Soccer: Recruiting

The Craft of Coaching Soccer: Recruiting

It's easiest when players are scarce and there's no question about who will play, and in what position. But the Coach that must decide from a pool of talent is challenged with variables that inevitably exceed humankind's ability to predict the future.

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